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What you will learn

This pack is designed for professionals who want to understand Experiential Graphic Design in Healthcare systems. It covers evidence based research and case studies with a focus on the healthcare environments, project case studies and best practice metrics include guidance on wayfinding and information design, donor recognition, and brand and identity as applied to spaces of healing and wellness. Content includes presentations from two workshops and three teleconferences. This course is suitable for an advanced level design professional.


A collection of Healthcare topics gathered from 2 SEGD workshops and 3 teleconferences:

  • The Metrics of EGD: Healthcare | 3 Parts February 8, 2007
  • EGD in Healthcare: Information Standards | March 27, 2008
  • Interior and Healthcare Wayfinding | January 29, 2008
  • Workshop - Advances in Healthcare Identity and Wayfinding | April 23-24, 2009 Houston, TX
  • Workshop - The Big Healthcare Wayfinding, Identity, and Recognition | Friday, November 11, 2005


The Metrics in Healthcare module runs through the historic trends in Healthcare and the metrics used. It explores the changing and growing role of EGD in Healthcare environments. The EGD in Healthcare: Information Standards looks at the design of wayfinding information systems and the definition of standards for these systems in Healthcare.  The Interior and Healthcare Wayfinding module explores approaches to defining Interior Wayfinding systems through evidence based design, cultural and diversity criteria, numbering sequences, integration of wayfinding in architecture and methodologies and the keys to success.

The Big Healthcare Wayfinding, Identity and Recognition Workshop materials explore the topics:

  • Comparing the Philosophies of Healthcare Design Practice
  • Designing the Complete Hospital Wayfinding Brand
  • Learning from Healthcare Facilities, Research
  • Planning and Development of Healthcare Symbols
  • ROI - The Healthcare Return on Investment
  • The Culture of Creating and Environment of Care.


The Advances in Healthcare Identity and Wayfinding Workshop materials explore the topics:

  • Advances in the Integration of EGD
  • Architectural Signs
  • Experience Analysis and Design
  • M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Campus


Course materials

This course consists of 5 downloadable zip files.


  • The collection consists of approximately 12 hours of podcasts
    • The Metrics Of Healthcare | 55 min
    • EGD In Healthcare: Information Standards | 50 min
    • Interior and Healthcare Wayfinding | 56:20 min
    • Workshop - Advances in Healthcare Identity and Wayfinding | 28 min, 36 min, 48 min, 36 min, 52:36 min, 5:13 min
    • Workshop - The Big Healthcare Wayfinding, Identity, and Recognition | 60 min, 34:53 min, 51 min, 57 min



  • Elizabeth Anderson | Anderson
  • Craig Berger | SEGD
  • Jim Bolek | JRC Design
  • Barbara Denton | Kaiser Permanente
  • Alan Jacobson | EXIT
  • Kate Keating | Kate Keating Associates
  • Steven Stamper | fd2s
  • Marty Gregg | Arthouse Design
  • Scott McLean | Implementix
  • Mark Vander Klipp | Corbin Design
  • Amber Felts | M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
  • Debra Vennes | Architectural Signing


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