Heads-Up and Hands-On at DesignX at DSE 2016

Attendees at DesignX—SEGD’s design-focused event at Digital Signage Expo 2016—will get a double-value experience: Heads (filled) up during a full-day workshop on planning and designing digital user experiences, and hands-on during a guided morning tour of the DSE 2016 show floor, where they’ll get to see, touch and feel the latest digital technology products, platforms and applications.

You should be there March 15-16 in Las Vegas! Make yours a double!

“We’ve specifically engineered this program to provide attendees with a 360-degree view of planning and designing user-centric digital experiences,” says Justin Molloy, SEGD’s Director of Education and Professional Development.

DesignX sessions—led by a group of top practitioners and industry leaders—will focus on:

  • Creating the Digital Team (with Will Ayers, Selbert Perkins and Colleen Hamilton, Art of Context)
  • Aligning Experiences + Content to User and Client Needs (with Jeff Dumo, Array, Refik Anadol, Refik Anadol Studio and Pat Green, S|N|A)
  • Navigating Platform Choices (with Jeff Grantz, Materials & Methods)
  • Budgeting for Digital (with Mark Andreasson, Design Communications Ltd., Douglas Hampton-Dowson, Reality Interactive and Jerry Harris, Georgia Aquarium)
  • Data, Analytics and Trend Opportunities (with Roger Starkweather and Bryan Meszaros, Open Eye Global)


In addition to having access to top industry experts for the full-day workshop session, attendees will also benefit from a curated tour of the DSE 2016 show floor. On Wednesday morning, March 16, Douglas Hampton-Dowson (creative director) and Bryson Hyte (chief technology officer) of Reality Interactive will guide DesignX attendees around the DSE 2016 show floor.

“This is a vendor conference with hundreds of products on show,” says Hampton-Dowson. “It can be really confusing if you don’t have a plan of attack. This will be a great way to help attendees make sense of a lot of information coming at them.” The show will include more than 200 vendors offering products and platforms including screens, displays, sensors, beacons and software.

For a sneak preview of products being introduced at DSE 2016, visit the DSE New Product Showcase.

DesignX happens in less than two weeks! Check out the program and speakers, and register today for DesignX!

Reality Interactive is the Presenting Sponsor of DesignX.

There's also a party! Join SEGD, DSE, The Preset Group and CREO after DesignX on March 15 for the 8th annual Preset Group (Sixteen:Nine) Mixer, AKA the un-official kickoff to DSE week in Las Vegas. Get your free ticket now.

Photo: SkyPad Interactive Experience/courtesy The Space Needle/Belle & Wissel

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