Harm Wondaal

Harm Wondaal, Managing Director of Eurorouting, Netherlands
AC Leeuwarden

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Owner and President of Eurorouting

Harm Wondaal's background is in economics and information science which stand him in good stead as he observes that both economics and wayfinding are about human decision making and information processing.

In a familiar environment, wayfinding is unconscious and intuitive, people having acquired a mental map by learning and experience, accruing knowledge.  In an unfamiliar environment people are dependent on “knowledge in the world”.

Perceptual wayfinding is about how people can immediately make sense of the environment they must negotiate to reach a destination.

For Harm, wayfinding is fascinating and he has been exploring and investigating the science for the past 25 years, the fruit of which is expressed in many of Eurorouting’s projects, one of which, the Fries Museum was awarded a commendation in the Sign Design Society’s2013 design competition.

Harm Wondaal has shared his experiences and insights about design, technology, cognitive science and semiotics in a lecture to the Sign Design Society on April 16, 2015.

At the end of the day, Harm Wondaal says, it is all about how we can guide, protect and enable people in the public domain. That must be the foundation of our “wayfinding community” , something which exists and is relevant well beyond the discipline of design.

Harm Wondaal was born and raised in the Netherlands. He graduated in 1982 and since 1990 he has been the owner and managing director of Eurorouting in Leeuwarden. He is also the founder of GuidingPeople (2013), a research and development organization for innovative solutions for searching and finding.

Eurorouting has been a specialist in the design and implementation of information in the environment, to guide people to destinations, effectively, securely and in a pleasant way for more than 50 years.

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See more of his work at Eurorouting.

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