Harbinger Designs for Dogs

Harbinger Innovation Group (hi.) (Jacksonville, Fla.) was invited to put together a proposal for the new John Gorrie Dog Park being developed by Riverside Avondale Preservation for Jacksonville’s most densely populated historic neighborhood. Riverside is known for its beautiful Victorian homes, live oaks, and terrific parks. 

hi. put together a complete experience design and branded environments package for the park, including signage, memorial opportunities, and sculptural elements. hi. even innovated the graphic environments surrounding the park to bring life and attention to the new feature. The package includes a sculptural monument sign to make the dog park entrance visible from within the sprawling Riverside Park. hi. also created a comprehensive set of brand elements, including hip geometric icons, as well as graphic standards to keep the identity consistent and recognizable.

In addition to designing the signage and wayfinding elements, hi. proposed some opportunities to engage the community at a deeper level. Their suggestions included designating the neighboring underpass wall as an opportunity for co-creation with local artists to create a public art experience in tandem with the dog park project. For night-time walkers, the team suggested a simple projection solution that would display playful shadow-puppet imagery on the underpass, making it more welcoming at night. 


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