Hannah Anderson

Hannah Anderson is the Construction Administration Lead at Kolar Design in Cincinnati

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Hannah Anderson is a Member of the 2018 SEGD Board of Directors and Co-chair of the SEGD Cincinnati Chapter

As Construction Administration Lead at Kolar Design, Hannah Anderson’s primary focus is to oversee detailing and production of artwork, and the coordination of fabrication and installation activities. Her balance of detail-oriented and creative thought processes allows her to provide coaching within each project team to achieve desired outcomes for quality, performance, and effectiveness throughout design development.

Hannah holds a BS in Graphic Design from The University of Cincinnati, DAAP College of Design, and has been collaboratively designing environmental brand experiences for almost 10 years. As co-chair of the SEGD Cincinnati Chapter she is dedicated to expanding the regional influence of the profession through education and the sharing of experiences between design business disciplines

Connect with Hannah Anderson on LinkedIn and view selected projects at KolarDesign.net.

Specialties include Environmental Graphics, Signage and Wayfinding Systems, Construction Administration, Brand Integration, and Detailing


BLINK Cincinnati—Four Bright Nights

By Hannah Anderson, SEGD Cincinnati Co-Chair and Construction Administration Lead, Kolar Design

On Thursday, October 12, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. in Cincinnati, Ohio, there was undeniable electricity in the air.

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