Hanna Huang

Hannah Huang
Los Angeles

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Driven with an unearthing heart and passion for experiential design and technology, Hanna Huang brings a unique blend of lighting technology and ingenuity to all applications and design. As the Vice President of Business Development of LEDCONN Corp., Hanna recognizes the importance of not only bringing ideas to life, but also making sure they stand out. It is this mindset that enables her to help clients draw focus to their brands with excellent customer service and innovative LED lighting solutions. 

Having earned her Bachelor and Masters in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, it is only intuitive that Hanna Huang is an expert in the manufacturing of LED lighting solutions. Hanna also furthered her knowledge of the industry with 15 years she worked in the LED chip manufacturing business. It was the knowledge and understanding of the bare bones of LED products that Hanna was able to confidently pursue her own venture in the LED Lighting Manufacturing industry.

Trusted lighting designers repeatedly come back to LEDCONN not just for the excellent product, but also the unique detail and customization LEDCONN provides per project. Under Hanna Huang’s lead and experience, she will continue to drive focus in passion and project management throughout the LEDCONN team so that design and technology can fully harmonize. 

Honors and Awards
OMA Outstanding Merchandising Award 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
SEGD Best Supplier Booth 2016

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