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Chattanooga, TN

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Hank McMahon is the President at Intersign Corporation in Chattanooga, TN. For over 25 years, Intersign Corporation has been designing and providing the highest quality interior and exterior ADA-compliant signage, emerging as a knowledgeable ADA sign source for various industries nationwide.

Hank McMahon’s signage career originated in 1979 upon founding Financial Merchandisers Company, selling changeable rate displays to local financial institutions. By 1987, the company had expanded to selling interior room numbers, location, and directional signs to nursing homes nationwide, and became incorporated as Intersign Corporation. Intersign expanded its focus in the 1990s to include assisted living facilities, hospitals, schools, libraries and churches. Hank then expanded Intersign to the hotel market through the acquisition of Rainbow Signs in 2001, later to be rebranded as HOTELSIGNS.com in 2008.

Through Hank McMahon's leadership, Intersign Corporation today provides signage solutions to hospitality, healthcare, churches and general industries, operating more than 30+ brand-specific eCommerce websites. Intersign Corporation operates a 24/7 state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with cutting-edge production technology, producing more than 60,000 signs a month. In fact, HOTELSIGNS.com is a major provider of brand signage for several hotel chains including Best Western, Hilton Hotels, InterContinental Hotel Group, Marriott International and more. With the recent acquisition of Hanover Products of Springboro, Ohio, Intersign Corporation also offers on-premise branding programs to new and existing customers.

The company is well-versed in ADA requirements and the team of signage experts and full time Regulation Compliance Specialists ensure properties are in full compliance with all local, state and federal regulations, and readily provide competitive quotes for full property orders. Hank McMahon and his team also frequent over 70 industry trade shows a year.

Hank McMahon resides with his family in Chattanooga, TN, and is a health enthusiast.

Connect with Hank McMahon on LinkedIn.

See his work at INTERSIGN.comHealthcareSigns.comHOTELSIGNS.comsignmojo.comFASTSIGNSADA.comand Hanover Branding.


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