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Half Day Studio

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Half Day Studio is an integrated design studio, specializing in building brands, creating experiences, and designing environments - all working together to tell your story.

Half Day Studio believes that brands and places are more than just “things,” but can have real impact on lives if they are done correctly. We are driven by a deep desire to improve customer experiences in the world around us. Every project is a little different, and that’s what we love - evolving just a little more each time to meet the needs of our clients.

The process is always dependent on the project, but one thing that doesn’t change is how that all start : by listening. Coel wants to get to know you, your brand, your ideas, what drives you, and where you really want to be. From there we start to translate that into a brand, or graphics, or your space. We will probably go through several stages and iterations before we find the answer, but we will do it together, as your partner.


Strategy + Positioning
We want to help you figure out how to capture your vision, consider your goals, and create a road map for your brand. Understanding who you are and what you want is key to this, and we are here to help you navigate the process.

Branding + Graphics
Your brand is much more than just a pretty logo, it’s an entire system that the world knows you by. Coel can help with your logo, print collateral, digital presence, cool marketing pieces and brand voice - so everything works together to say more than what’s seen.

Interiors + Environments
Let’s create an experience that people will remember, an experience that reflects your brand. The offices we work in, the shops we frequent, and the restaurants we eat in all impact our everyday lives. We can help figure out what these places looks like and how to make them a reality.

Signage + Wayfinding
When is a sign more than just a sign? Identity signs, monument signs, and architectural graphics can all work together to take your building and brand a step further. Layered with a well defined wayfinding strategy, clear code signage, and ADA a truly immersive experience can begin to emerge.

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