Hal Kantner's Sketchbook

"The visual spontaneity asks the client to use their imagination and co-create with us."


Hal Kantner
HOK, Houston

Our Possibilities Sketchbook process can be summarized as rapid conceptualization through visual listening. The ideas generated in interviews and group discussions are turned into visual meeting notes. The sketchbook’s minimal investment in production allows all stakeholders’ ideas to live equally, side by side, inside a readily distributable, easily reviewable deliverable.

The visual spontaneity invites participation, as opposed to a machine-drawn computer rendering that looks like the final product. No sketch concept appears so complete as to be uneditable. The review process, in fact, invites more creative critique, often resulting in reviewers adding their own hand-drawn sketching and notations.

The process encourages our client’s desire to be involved in developing the solution, rather than just approving it. It invites engagement with ideas rather than demanding the client critique them. It’s fun, participatory, and energizing rather than formal and structured. And it asks the client to use their imagination and co-create with us.

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