Häfele New York Showroom

Finalist 2018

Häfele is a global hardware company based in Germany with a long tradition of quality precision engineering. A passionate long-time leader and resource for the architecture and design industry, Häfele’s global footprint includes a strong North American presence.

For their new showroom in NYC, they wished to design something that clearly illustrated the Häfele US brand, while serving their many audiences. The overarching goal was to create a showroom of possibilities, a space that inspires audiences, attracts influencers, compels action and clearly demonstrates “why the Häfele solution.”

Both familial and inspiring, Häfele red was used to boldly express their identity throughout the space, while brand messaging was aimed at “feeling” and understanding the brand. To that end, the showroom became a laboratory, both exhibiting and integrating product into displays and functions of the space itself. Intuitive, interactive hands-on displays turn the showroom into a place of self-discovery, allowing audiences to learn how products function together.

The showroom now holds a real sense of purpose, operating as an atmosphere that fosters connections between people and the building of relationships. It’s a space that creates differentiation in the market and serves as a hub for the A+D community and industry, providing knowledge, education, inspiration, and support: a tangible space as a resource of possibilities.

Design Firms: 




Project Area: 

3,500 sq ft

Open Date: 

February 2018

Photo Credits: 

Michael Moran (photography)

Design Team: 

Eileen Jones (principal brand designer), Joan Blumenfeld (principal interior designer), Jennifer Graham (project manager), Pamela Steiner (brand project designer), JD McKibben (technical designer), Rut Prudencio (brand designer), Arjav Shah (project interior designer), Steve Stobbe (project interior designer), Doug Larsen (interior designer)

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