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Toronto, Canada

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At an early age, Greg Parsons' introduction to the world of the creative process started with his first box of LEGO! And it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E! This exposure, little did he know, would inspire him and lay the foundation towards his passion for design. Greg Parsons' sketch books from travels remind him about the importance of how we communicate an idea, how it can evolve, how it can influence others and be shared collectively. Having the need for a creative outlet is expressed through the project work he does, in addition to his extra-curricular ventures.

With over 30 years as an interior designer and working alongside many talented professionals, Greg Parsons has enjoyed collaborating on a variety of projects both close to home and abroad. His overarching interest in design as a whole is reflective in the broad range of sector work he has been involved with, including workplace, public spaces, retail and hospitality, mixed use, residential, aviation, transportation, healthcare, education, institutional, industrial, theatre, exhibit display, film, branding, signage and wayfinding.

Currently, Greg Parsons is practicing on his own and strategically partnering with like-minded team players, those that he has enjoyed working with in the past along with developing new connections.

As Greg Parsons has evolved in his career, his curiosity in human behaviour is at the heart of creating human-centric design solutions. He believes that, "As designers we play a huge role in affecting human behavior. We can indirectly be the cause for one’s anxiety, or a success in one’s recovery. Design matters! While each project is unique, my approach remains simple and straight forward: Never assume; be open to new ideas; challenge each other and oneself; always ask “what if”; observe and learn from human behavior; respect the environment and tread lightly."

Check out Greg Parsons' portfolio here.


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