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Meet the Speakers for 2018 SEGD Branded Environments
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Greg Nelson is an award-winning design leader who merges communication with place to create compelling solutions that engage people and inspire results.

As the founder of Altitude Design Office, Greg Nelson has built a practice centered around his belief that meaningful design moves people forward.

With over twenty years of professional experience, he has refined a strategic process for creating award-winning brand experiences, wayfinding programs, architectural graphics and brand identities for a wide range of spaces and places, including performing arts centers, hotels, stadiums, convention centers, corporate campuses, hospitals, exhibits, restaurants and retail centers.

Across all these scales and types of projects, Greg Nelson has seen firsthand that the environment is a powerful communicator. By thoughtfully integrating identity and information into public and private places, he believes businesses and communities can create better relationships with the people they serve.

Trained in interior architecture, Greg Nelson has a deep understanding of building systems and human behavior in environments. Together, with his project experience creating interior spaces, graphics and design strategies, he is able to blur boundaries to develop custom, transformative solutions for clients. Some of the brands he’s developed solutions for include Sony, Television Academy, Microsoft, Hulu, Sprint, Amgen, City of Hope, and Mars Food.

Greg Nelson’s work has been featured in publications—including Interior Design Magazine, Interiors+Sources and Graphic Design USA—and he has received awards, including an IIDA Calibre Award, multiple American Graphic Design Awards and an Interior Design Magazine Best of Year Award.


How can design, and specifically EGD, support and enhance the healing mission in today’s complex healthcare environments?

SEGD Well: Healthcare Innovations Workshop, held last week in Cincinnati, set out to find the answers to that question.

So what are the answers? Well, you kind of had to be there. But we’re willing to share a peek at what you missed.

Clue: It’s much bigger than wayfinding or mobile apps.

2018 Branded Environments - Las Vegas - Greg Nelson - Designing for Your Users

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