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SEGD Green Resources

In 2007, the SEGD Sustainability Forum published its SEGD Green Paper: Best Practices, Strategies, and Scenarios for Sustainability in Environmental Graphic Design. The Green Paper was developed around the core principle of sustainability in environmental graphic design, and establishes a framework for evaluating the sustainability of EGD projects, processes, and products. Here you will find links to case studies, audits of projects, processes, products, and research resources. In 2013, SEGD revisited the topic of sustainability with fresh perspectives as part of the first eg conversations webinar.

Contributors to the 2007 SEGD Green Paper include

Gary Anzalone, Dawn Craft, Thomas Horton, Maura Mathews, Naomi Pearson, Michael Santos, Harry Spetnagel, Leslie Gallery Dilworth, Craig Berger

Sponsors of the Green Resource Guide include

ASI, Dixie Graphics, Nova Polymers, APCO Signs, Vista System, Accent Signage Systems, Advance Corp., Interpret Green

Additional Resources

Issue 28 of segdDESIGN magazine the Green Issue

Green Resource Archive includes white papers and audits

Download the 2007 SEGD Green Paper and 2013 eg conversations sustainability webinar documents as PDF files below

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