GNU Group

GNU Group is one of experiential graphic design's most venerable practices. We were there at the birth of the profession and were among the founders of SEGD. For over 4 decades we've grown along with the Society, pioneering, practicing and expanding the boundaries of experiential graphic design.

GNU Group's mandate is to support all of the needs our clients have for communications in the built and natural environment. We plan, design, and implement branding, wayfinding, and signage programs. Our longevity is testament to the way that our entire team has committed to GNU Group’s way of doing business. We credit our accomplishments to what we call the Explicit Culture. Our culture is built upon an attitude toward our business, clients, and peers; our processes and procedures; and above all always having people fully committed to the firm’s goals and mission.

There is not a market we have not touched and a project stakeholder we have not worked with.  Our clients look to us to create solutions that inform, direct,  acknowledge, celebrate, brand and market in all ways possible. Our goal is to enhance the quality, character and value of their places. We improve people's lives through experiential design.

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