Digital Display Metal Fabrics

GKD-USA is well known as an innovative problem solver using advanced weaving technology and engineering know-how.  Our history and expertise in weaving metal fabrics for filtration and industrial use led to the development of METALFABRICS used in architecture. As the company grew, we further evolved these fabrics into the world’s most functional and visually engaging material that architects and designers would ever have the opportunity to specify. These decorative and functional METALFABRICS for architecture have blazed the trail and set the standards worldwide for interior and exterior applications of metal mesh.  Our state of the art MEDIAMESH, a transparent media façade, is engineered, fabricated, and installed by the GKD-USA team.  To this day, GKD continues to revolutionize how architectural structures are enhanced aesthetically, augmented functionally and optimized economically.
Our facilities in Cambridge, MD house the GKD-USA corporate offices as well as engineering and manufacturing for North America. Both weaving and final product manufacturing are accomplished in these operations. Our architectural products manufacturing and product showcase facility opened in 2004.

We continually work with our customers to set new standards in architectural applications.  We also strive to make the greatest contribution possible to build a world that is cleaner, safer, more beautiful, and ultimately, a better place to live.

Contact Steven Culverby emailor call 410-221-0542.


Science, Meet Storytelling—Stanford's Morphogenesis
Science, Meet Storytelling—Stanford's Morphogenesis

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