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Holy cannoli, 2019 is right around the corner! While you may be considering ways to improve yourself personally, resolutions for the "professional you" are just as important. Like, getting more stuff done, but faster—wait—we have a solution: join or renew now, and check it off next year's list. You, yes you, could be so efficient that you're accomplishing tasks due next year. 

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Lucky for you, being a part of SEGD means that you have many and varied tools at your disposal to make sure you’re on other (probably—strike that—definitely more important) paths to success in the new year.

Here are just a few ways SEGD can help you in 2019:

Building your professional network


Learning something new

  • Sign up for webinars. Did you know you could sign up for every SEGD webinar for the year (free to SEGD members!)? Sign up nowso you don’t have to worry about it later.
  • Access industry-specific resources. The SEGD Toolboxis the place to get the 4-1-1 on experiential graphic design. Download useful business benchmarking reports, search project images, connect with other industry pros and more!


Finding inspiration

  • Read Feature Articles. Discover the materials, methodologies and challenges inside the projects of your peers.
  • Watch an SEGD Talk. Couldn’t make it to an event this year? Check out the SEGD Talkslibrary. Commit to watching just one talk and you’ll feel inspired to do what you do better.


  • Browse Sketchbooks. Some of the best designers in the field have contributed their sketches. Browse the Sketchbook galleryand see what makes other designers tick.

Sharing and promoting your work

  • Get your entries ready. The 2019 SEGD Global Design Awardsopened for entries on December 1. This is your chance to share the projects you’re most proud of and compete for coveted Merit, Honor or even Best of Show awards.
  • Send in Member News. Share your news, accomplishments, innovations, etc., with the SEGD community—it's FREE for members. Send your announcement or press release to [email protected]
  • Update or submit your Member Bio. It was great when you started, but things have changed. It’s time to resubmit your biowith the freshest info so you can make the best connections.


  • Submit a Sketchbook. Some of the best designers in the field have contributed their sketches. Browse the Sketchbook galleryand see what makes other designers tick before you (as a member) submit your own!

Saving money 

Never been a member? You're in for a treat.

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