Gensler Parks It in Washington, D.C.

Parkit in Washington DC

Gensler's Washington, D.C., office created a mini parking-space park in front of its office as part of the city's seasonal "parklet" program.

Parklets are popping up in major cities across the U.S., and Gensler's Washington parklet opened this month. Occupying two parking spaces, it will be open for five months.

After being approached by the district's Golden Triangle Business Improvement District, Gensler held an inter-office competition to decide on a design. "parkIT," designed by Claire Kang and Laura Carey, features large triangular modules in various heights painted in three different shades of bright yellow. The vibrant colors and pedestal seating invites passersby to sit, rest, and interact with the park. Read more about the project here.

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