Gemini Launches Factory-Direct Substrate Subsidiary

Gemini Duets Direct

Gemini launched a new subsidiary, Duets Direct, which offers premium engraving, ADA, and architectural sign substrates direct from the factory.

Products include DuetsTactiles™ for ADA and appliqué applications, Laser and Laser XT for indoor and outdoor laser and rotary engraving applications, Laser XT Reverse for outdoor or indoor reverse laser and rotary engraving applications, DuetsContours™ 0.20” gauge for flexible substrate engraving applications, and Rotary for indoor rotary engraving applications.

The substrates are manufactured in Gemini’s state-of-the-art cleanroom facility, says Gary Harder, Director of Duets by Gemini. “Our Minnesota-based manufacturing facility utilizes the latest equipment and technology within a temperature- and humidity-controlled environment. By eliminating the distribution middleman, Duets Direct offers immediate, responsive customer service and ensures only the highest-quality product leaves our facility.”

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