Gateway Project - Colleen Connolly

Gateway Project - Colleen Connolly

The Gateway Project
The Rise of the Designer Diplomat
Colleen Connolly,Fulbright Scholar

Abstract from 2021 SEGD Communication + Place
The Gateway Project is a Fulbright Arts Research project that advocates for greater  access to multilingual exhibitions and resources for museum visitors. Its goal is to  examine the bilingual museum design in Taiwan and present suggestions on how to  implement multilingual systems in the United States. The first stage of this year-long  research project in Taipei is to visit Taiwanese museums and meet with with museum  staff and designers (talking in Chinese as much as possible). Taiwan’s exceptional  bilingual design in public spaces could open up conversations with the international  design community about the successes and challenges of designing for multilingual  audiences. The Gateway Project is dedicated to humbly learning about Taiwanese  languages and culture, and is especially interested in popular opinion on the Taiwanese  government’s promise to become a bilingual (Chinese/English) nation by 2030. 

A key point of this paper is examining how multilingual museum design is a tool for cultural  diplomacy. After establishing a historical precedence for museums acting as non-state  actors through public outreach and collaborations with other institutions, the National  Palace Museum in Taiwan is used as an example of an institution that uses multilingual  design to conduct cultural diplomacy. The examples of design diplomacy presented in this  work are intended to introduce not only the growing importance of innovative multilingual  design in museums, but also examine the role of museums in international relations.

As an American designer living in Taiwan and working towards fluency in Mandarin  Chinese (after 8 years of study in America and mainland China), I hope to be a fresh  perspective for Western designers who desire an authentic insight into East Asia’s 
design industry. Through my Fulbright research, I hope to raise awareness about  the importance of multilingual design in order to encourage my fellow designers  to think critically about the future of accessibility in our public institutions.


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