Gary Stemler

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Gary Stemler is a member of the 2017 SEGD Board and previously served as Secretary/Treasurer of SEGD.

Gary Stemler has been in the environmental graphics field for over 20 years helping designers and end users in the implementation of custom graphics all across the world.  He has been an industry leader in mixing quality craftsmanship with modern manufacturing capabilities and delivering on end user expectations.  Gary has served on the Society of Environmental Graphics national board of directors for 9 years and has held the position of Treasurer multiple times. Gary Stemler has a Bachelor of Science degree in industrial design and graphic design.  Gary has spoken at several design conferences throughout the country on manufacturing and design translation.  He has been very involved with the academic side of the profession working on the SEGD education committee and participating in the Kent State University summer workshops exposing students to the fabrication process of designed programs.

Gary Stemler works for Archetype. Archetype is a premium custom fabricator of interior and exterior environmental graphics serving the design community who offer a collaborative approach and treat each opportunity as a valued relationship. Archetype's goal is to bring design to life through precision, beauty and longevity.

Read more about Gary Stemler's work at Archetype.


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