Gallagher & Associates Honored for Three Films

Gallagher & Associates Win Three Bronze Telly Awards

According to Gallagher & Associates (Washington), at the heart of the best modern museums are first-rate media experiences. Films in particular weave personal memoirs with historical narratives and compelling sound scores to completely immerse visitors. For the National Blues Museum and the traveling exhibit, "Operation Finale: The Capture & Trial of Adolf Eichmann," G&A created powerful and captivating films that are now the winners of three Bronze Telly Awards.

The Telly Awards are the premier awards honoring excellence in video across all screens. The G&A videos won in the non-broadcast, history category for their excellence in communicating stories and content in unique and dynamic ways.

The National Blues Museum welcomes visitors with one of the award-winning videos, "The Blues is Living History." This film covers not only the history of the blues as a musical genre, but also explores how the blues has become an inspirational force of universal expression. G&A's Mike Buday served as Senior Producer of the video, collaborating with the Blues Museum staff, collecting all necessary footage, and overseeing the editing team.

The videos for "Operation Finale" are compelling in different ways. "The Vanished Man" gives visitors an introduction to the exhibit and the infamous "architect of the Holocaust," Adolf Eichmann. Providing historical context to the events that led to the Nazi's Final Solution, the film explores the background and aftermath of those that perpetrated the horrific crimes. In particular, key details are revealed regarding Eichmann's days as the "bureaucrat killer," his flight to Argentina, and his eventual capture.

"Target: Eichmann" dives into the details of the harrowing capture of Eichmann. This winning video presents the specifics of the covert operation to find and seize this wanted man in Argentina and even shows interview footage with the head of Eichmann's capture team. Visitors are left with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the efforts made to arrest and punish the man responsible for so many lives lost during the Holocaust.

The importance of film, media, interactives, and other integrated digital systems are tantamount now to most cultural experiences, and in response, G&A is cultivating their New York office with a team of highly talented creative directors and producers of a variety of media formats. "No matter the subject, G&A's films and media aim to enhance the visitors' experiences in the museums and exhibits we design," said Kelly Schaffer, Production Manager at G&A. "The media team at G&A is incredibly honored to be recognized for our work by the Telly Awards."

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