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Gallagher & Associates Have the Beat

Gallagher & Associates has had the opportunity to work with many partners, communities, and individuals to develop a variety of unforgettable music experiences. In B.B. King's hometown of Indianola, Mississippi, the B.B. King Museum and Delta Interpretive Center has become an iconic stop on the widely traveled Blues Trail. In addition to being in the studio with B.B., G&A has also developed diverse and highly customized immersive experiences for the Woody Guthrie Center, the Ray Charles Memorial Library, the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, and the Grammy Museum at L.A. LIVE.

The Grammy Museum Mississippi officially opened in 2016 in Cleveland, Mississippi. The exhibits display famous musical instruments, glamorous costumes and engaging interactives that educate and inspire audiences. Similar to the Grammy Museum at L.A. LIVE, the 27,000-square-foot Grammy Museum Mississippi is dedicated to exploring the past, present and future of music and the cultural context from which it emerges, while casting a spotlight on the deep musical roots of Mississippi.

A centerpiece is a luminous, multi-touch table that beckons exploration. Visitors select floating icons of Grammy Award-winning artists and songs that take them on a journey of music to listen to, performances to watch, and curated biographies to read. Guests can also become their own music legend when engaging with the 2017 MUSE Award-winning experience, "In the Studio with Keb' Mo'."

"We've created an interactive experience that allows people to immerse themselves in the creative process of songwriting, singing and producing. This very personal journey is led by Keb' Mo' as he guides the visitor through the steps of creating a song," says Rob Malootian, studio director.

Just last year, the National Blues Museum opened as the only museum dedicated entirely to preserving and honoring the tradition-rich story of the blues and its profound impact on American culture. The American Alliance of Museum's 2017 conference, held in St. Louis, May 7-10, included an event at the museum.

One of the most memorable moments is the "Become a Blues Legend" media experience that allows users to create their own blues. Writing lyrics, joining a jug band, and creating riffs with guitar, harmonica and piano culminate in a mixing studio where it all comes together into one unique song. Attendees of the AAM who visit the museum will have their own chance to participate in this fun experience and learn more about the blues' deep, profound influence that resonates to this day.

Looking forward, the Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Center, the National Museum of African American Music and the Motown Museum are all in development here at G&A. No matter the time, music remains a constant, steady source of community and connection.

G&A would like to thank the many partners that helped them complete these music museums.

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