Gallagher & Associates Announces New CEO

Gallagher & Associates Announces New CEO

Gallagher & Associates (G&A) today announced that its founder, Patrick Gallagher, has appointed Scott Wickstrom, current Chief Strategy & Operating Officer, as the company's new Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately.

In this new role, Wickstrom will continue to lead G&A as a continuous innovator in providing fully integrated design expertise globally. Since the company was founded by Gallagher in 1998, G&A has evolved from solely offering exhibition design services to offering combined exhibition and graphic design, interactive media and technology design and engineering, interpretive planning and content development, and a full suite of strategic services (master planning, feasibility studies, and business, finance, and marketing strategy).

Via its Gallagher Museum Services (GMS) team, led by Mike Devine, the company also offers client-side trusted advisor consulting services for building and sustainably operating an institution, including owner's representation and managed C-Suite services.

"As we continue to grow and evolve, it's critical now that we have a leader who will be both considerate of our rich history partnering with cultural institution clients and intentional at the same time in advancing us into new territories, pushing us out of our comfort zone, and growing the capabilities needed to be there for all our clients," said Gallagher.

"Since joining G&A almost three years ago, Scott has had incredible impact for us and our clients, focusing on integrating and growing our capabilities, improving operational efficiencies, and adding a strategic layer to our process, all directed toward enhancing the creative excellence of what we're all here to do: provide exceptional client service as we help them bring their vision to life," Gallagher said. "I look forward to working with Scott and our leadership team for many years to come as we make sure G&A succeeds in fulfilling its mission for the next several generations of employees and clients."

Wickstrom joined G&A in 2018 and has spent the majority of his career leading diverse, global teams through transformational change while having the opportunity to live internationally, gaining exposure to different cultures, perspectives, and ways of working.

He started in finance and corporate development at Chubb & Son, then led their eBusiness team before transitioning to management consulting at Rosetta (now part of Publicis) where he was part of the team that acquired the design and technology firms that resulted in Rosetta being the largest independent interactive agency in the US prior to its acquisition.

He then spent six years at Sapient (also now part of Publicis) in various leadership roles, most recently co-leading a global team of immersive experience designers, IoT / VR and creative technology developers and participatory storytellers and filmmakers.

"The museum landscape is changing as rapidly as the brand, entertainment, and commercial landscapes, and I’m proud to be leading such an impactful and diverse team of experts when there is so much opportunity for personal and professional growth at G&A,” Wickstrom said. “Seamless experience design requires a much more savvy understanding of the formula than simply ‘story + physical + digital.’ Creating unified, singular experiences requires that the design team operate as one integrated design body with a deep appreciation for everyone’s skills and contributions.”

"We proudly say we're part of one big interdisciplinary team rather than a siloed multi-disciplinary team, because to us that confirms we're all equal, we all lean-in to the table together, and we're all invested in the same outcomes and impact for our clients."

About G&A

Gallagher & Associates (G&A) is recognized internationally as a leader in creating successful, engaging experiences—synthesizing the physical and digital worlds in ways that move people, momentarily stopping time and creating lifelong impact.

Leveraging nearly 25 years as a leader in the museum master planning, exhibition design, entertainment, and branding worlds, G&A is pioneering new markets and new geographies.  With an independent network of interdisciplinary design studios in New York City, Portland, OR, Washington DC, and Singapore, G&A brings a highly regarded collaborative style, plus design and service excellence, to clients and public spaces around the world.


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