Gabriel Gallina's Sketchbook

"I believe that I think better and faster with a pen in my hand."


Gabriel Gallina
Porto Alegre, Brazil

When I was little, I was nuts about the Disney universe, and Carl Barks was my first great idol. I believe that this is why my drawing style today is closer to animation than architecture.

I belong to a generation of architects who began college drawing by hand and finished it drawing in AutoCAD. At that time, computer graphics were very cold, stiff and artificial, and I missed the free, gestural drawing that lent humanity to my projects. I drew by hand during all college, using the computer only when it was mandatory. I did only 2D design on the PC, and all perspectives and 3Ds were done by hand. I was lucky that none of my teachers were annoyed by that.

I believe that I think better and faster with a pen in my hand. I have this terrible habit of not carrying my sketchbook around with me, so I got used to draw on any surface, from paper down to walls. Earlier, I put a lot of effort in my drawings and spent hours adding details. Today I tend more to quick, unassuming sketches. However, I like to color all my drawings, since the color resource brings me back a feeling of joy I had as a child. If drawing is sometimes a part of my work, coloring is part of my therapy.

I prepare sketches for just about anything: when I want people to see what is already clear in my head; when I need to explain an idea to a client; when I need to figure out a construction system and how the parts match... or even when I’m bored at a meeting, I pick someone in the room, and voilà: a secret caricature comes out.

I also like drawing as a sport. Just as I take a lot of photos when I’m traveling, I also record many things through drawing. It can be a building, a chair, my lunch, or a pretty girl sitting at the table next to mine. Drawing is also a way of relaxing and giving the mind a rest.



Projects Colégio Anchieta, 1º Dia de Aula, FSG, Lagos de São Gonçalo, Hospital Moinhos de Vento, Lupa, and Unisinos developed at SCENO /

Project 3B developed at GAD /

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