G&A Designs Sazerac House Experience, Now Open

G&A Designs Sazerac House Experience, Now Open

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The Sazerac House, which opened today, has been re-imagined in New Orleans. Housed in a historic building at the bustling corner of Magazine and Canal—just a short distance from the original 1850s-era Sazerac Coffee House—the new Sazerac House museum is a 20,000-square-foot multi-sensory journey into the spirited culture of New Orleans.

G&A partnered with the Sazerac Company to create an experience that redefines what a brand, a drink and a distillery can do when married with a historic city, a spirited culture and an intoxicating story. As Sazerac General Manager, Miguel Solorzano, explains, “The Sazerac House is designed to tell the story of New Orleans’ distinctive history and heritage through the lens of its illustrious cocktail scene."

Visitors to Sazerac House can see, smell and taste their way through the experience, tracing the roots of the Sazerac story back to the Sazerac family’s origins in France and to the turn-of-the-century French Quarter where the Haitian-Apothecarian, Antoine Peychaud, invented bitters—paving the way to America’s first cocktail. Interactive experience "Sophisticated Spirits" shows how that celebrated culture evolved into four quintessential New Orleans-style bars. G&A designed the standout multi-media experience using a traditional bar with an interactive touch table and a high-resolution display to introduce modern-day New Orleans cocktail culture. Visitors sit down, choose a drink and enjoy a virtual cocktail mixed up by a master mixologist. 

“The Sazerac House reveals the little-known story of the company’s New Orleans origins while celebrating the local cocktail culture and the art of craft distilling. This hybrid experience uniquely merges historic architecture, interactive media, immersive storytelling, and distillery production to create something completely new for the city. We could not be more proud to contribute to the cultural landscape of New Orleans,” says Rob Malootian, G&A’s project creative director.

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