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FusionCast™ is the only manufacturer of engineered Metal Cast signage. Our technology allows us to blends ionized metal with HDU (High Density Urethane) – as a result of our patented and revolutionary process, FusionCast™ Signs are lighter weight, better value, eco-friendly, durable and aesthetically identical to their traditional cast metal counterparts.

Our process positions the metal to the front of the plaque where it will be seen while featuring a cost effective foundation that does not compromise strength, durability or prestige. The FusionCast™ product is completely customizable and our design capabilities are limited only by the imagination.

The Fusioncast™ process is completely vertical as well, in that we own and control all facets of the process from client inquiry through to delivery of the finished product. This includes ideation, graphic design, mold making, mold cutting, casting and curing, and painting and finishing. Our entire process supports environmental sustainability in that we do not create or emit pollutants, we use environmentally friendly raw materials, including low VOC paints and our mold making system is ninety percent reusable. We are also the only manufacturer capable of offering Cast Multi-Metal Signage.

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