Fundamentals of Global Graphic Design

Fundamentals of Global Graphic Design


What you will learn

This course pack is the perfect toolkit for anyone working on international projects or wanting to gain a better understanding of wayfinding and environmental graphic design practices around the world. The Fundamentals of Global Design will introduce you to trends, best practices, and design philosophies from North America to Europe to Asia and the Middle East. Some of the key discussion included in this course pack enter around different approaches to wayfinding, information hierarchy, language issues in wayfinding signage, merging traditional and modern architecture and design and navigating cultural differences when working internationally. 


This specialty pack explores the foundations of EGD for international audiences and practice in foreign contexts. Course presentations include case studies from Canada, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.


Course Materials

  • 8 audio files and 8 PDF presentations


  • Approximately 8 hours of audio sessions



  • Michael Gericke,Pentagram
  • Andrew Kuzyk,Entro Communications
  • Boyd Morrison, Gamble Design
  • JP Lacroix,Shikatani Lacroix
  • Jeremy Kramer, Kramer Design Associates
  • Paul Mijksenaar, Mijksenaar
  • Christian Lunger
  • Graham Hanson, GHD Partners
  • Jan Lorenc, Lorenc+Yoo Design
  • David Vanden Eynden
  • Kevin Kern, 505Design
  • Wayne Hunt, Hunt Design
  • John Bosio, Merje


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