Frost*collective is New Umbrella Company

Frost* (Sydney) launched a new business structure that has been in the planning for many months.

As a key driver in a vision to be the world’s most innovative, strategic and creative collaborative, Frost* has evolved into three specialist agencies, who will work together to design success by inspiring ideas to life. Frost* will now become a new umbrella company, Frost*collective, whilst the business’ existing specialist divisions will become separate business entities which, together, form this group.

The companies which will form the pillars of Frost*collective are their digital agency, The Nest, headed up by its founder, Stuart Buchanan; their environmental design practice which has been rebranded as Urbanite and will be led by long-time Partner, Carlo Giannasca; and Frost* Design, their brand, design, and communications business, which will be run by branding and design specialist Rennae Long, who joined Frost* to head up this part of the business almost a year ago.

Not only will Frost*collective be able to further develop their specialties and provide a more bespoke service, but they can also offer the benefits of on-site collaboration with each of the businesses which are a part of Frost*collective as well. The Nest, Urbanite, and Frost* Design will each also receive critical support from a talented team led by Group Creative Director Anthony Donovan and Strategy Director Catriona Burgess, who will work across the collective.

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