Frost Urbanite Team Signs Retail Car Parks

Frost's (Sydney) Urbanite team created environmental graphics and signage for the newly refurbished Westfield Miranda shopping center in Sydney.

The Frost Urbanite team developed a wayfinding strategy and designed signage and environmental graphics for the retail center's six car parks. Each of the car parks was assigned a color to aid in wayfinding, then the colors were developed into unique thematic patterns representing an attribute of Miranda/Shire lifestyle. Patterns and colors were applied in super-graphic style to walls, ceilings, and entries to animate the car parks and providing wayfinding cues. The graphics were strategically focused around key architectural features, entries, and walkways as a way to attract attention across the large-scale car parks and draw people into the retail center through intuitive wayfinding.

In addition, messaging was incorporated into the new super-graphics in Westfield’s brand-style to remain cohesive to the Westfield overall look and feel. In addition to the environmental graphics work, the Frost Urbanite team also completed a communications pack explaining the changes to consumers from the previous free-parking system to a new paid, time-limited system.

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