Frost* Design covered Sydney for the I’M ON campaign

Photo of I'M ON campaign signage

Frost* Design (Sydney) covered Sydney in condoms for the I’M ON campaign, the Stay Safe extension of ACON’s Ending HIV initiative. The catchy outdoor component definitely brings smiles to the faces of passersby, communicating the important message that ending the HIV epidemic by 2020 is only possible if testing more and treating early are accompanied by the maintenance of a strong safe-sex culture. To help get the tired message across, Frost* tackled the brief with a lighthearted but targeted approach: a series of witty headlines to engage the audience with hard-hitting humor, encouraging gay men to use condoms to protect themselves and their partners, and positioning the practice of safe sex as their personal contribution to ending HIV.

Frost*, working with New York-based arts foundation Aperture, recently designed Storms, a book for photographer Mitch Dobrowner. In the style of the feature film Twister, Dobrowner has been chasing storms since 2009. Shadowing professional storm chaser Roger Hill, he traveled throughout Western and Midwestern America capturing nature in its full fury, taking extraordinary images of monsoons, tornados, and massive thunderstorms with the highest standard of craftsmanship.

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