Frost* Design Completed Commonwealth Bank’s Melbourne Call Center

Photo of Commonwealth Bank's call center mural

Frost (Sydney) environments team completed a new project for employees at Commonwealth Bank’s Melbourne call center. Working in collaboration with interior designers Davenport Campbell, Frost animated the newly refurbished activity-based workplace to inspire and engage staff who often work on monotonous tasks.

The scope of work included signage and wayfinding for the seven-level development, alongside super-sized environmental graphic backdrops that add a distinctly Melbourne identity to the inner-city office. The concept involved visually breaking up the space by referencing urban culture in work zones and parklands and nature in the break areas.

Frost worked closely with New York-based illustrator James Gulliver Hancock to develop sub-themes of work, rest, and play that tell everyday stories of the city's inhabitants, with a fantastical twist. Hidden pockets of quirky detail incorporated at a micro-scale are a cheeky nod to the city’s laneways, where there is always something new to discover. A graphic language formed from iconic Melbourne architecture also helps embed the signage firmly into its location.

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