Frost* Design

Identity of Sydney Living Museums

Frost Design (Sydney) created a brand repositioning for the Historic Houses Trust; the Trust’s 12 properties will be known as Sydney Living Museums. Informed by broad stakeholder and consumer research, the brand repositioning taps into the experience economy by creating opportunities for people to participate in living heritage rather than a passive educational approach. The new identity’s design centers on the idea of unlocking stories, and draws on the key as a symbol of entry into other peoples’ homes. The logo crafts the letterforms into a monogram that resembles a key. This is used in conjunction with a stacked, typographic word mark, capitalized and drawn in the sans-serif font, Sofia Pro.

The firm also designed environmental graphics and signage for the new swimming pool complex at Prince Alfred Park Pool in Sydney. Their contemporary designs set out to highlight the pool's seriously sustainable initiatives, and the future installation of super-size tree-guards for the surrounding palm trees will provide an interpretive overlay, telling the story of the park’s rich history. While external signage was subtly embedded into the park's new meadow landscape, inside the pool Frost dialed up the visual impact, providing lively splashes of color that reference the site’s circus heritage and the playfulness of water droplets.

In yet another collaboration with long-standing clients Manfredi, the firm recently completed a brand and packaging re-fresh for Manfredi’s coffee line Espresso di Manfredi, introducing the new brand with Sprezzatura at its core—an Italian word adopted by the fashion industry to describe the effortless mastery of one’s own style.

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