Freetouch Announces Global Availability of Smartphone-based Touches Interaction Solution for Public Touchscreens

Freetouch touches screen demo

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Freetouch™,an innovator in software solutions for touchless interactivity, announced on October 20 the global availability of its patent-pending technology which eliminates the need for physical contact with touchscreens. The solution lets  businesses provide safe and touch-free kiosk interaction via customers’ personal smartphones. Freetouch installs in minutes per system and requires no additional hardware or software development.

The solution is now available for purchase by organizations needing to operate customer-facing touchscreens amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Freetouch is licensed on a subscription basis with a 14-day free trial period,providing an immediately deployable option to let businesses safely turn back on publicly-accessible interactive displays.

"COVID-19 continues to prompt a rapid shift to touchless interactions for a wide range of businesses that rely on touch-driven experiences,” said Darren David, Freetouch Founder & CEO. “Our mission is to provide a solution that quickly and seamlessly makes interactivity safer for our client companies and their customers. By offering an easy-to-install and easy-to-use software-only retrofit, we’re enabling companies to remain open and their customers to interact safely during this challenging time.”

With increasing rates of COVID-19 transmission, shared touchscreens are an ongoing health and safety concern. There is a critical need for an immediate solution to enable the safe use of existing shared displays in nearly every major industry segment. This includes banking, financial, and point-of-sale kiosks, retail displays, ticketing and payment stations, wayfinding, hospitality, health care environments, museums, attractions, and more.

Freetouch turns a smartphone into a touchscreen remote control. End users simply snap a digital QR code to instantly connect to a kiosk, with no app download or registration required. A highly responsive and intuitive interface lets users click, drag, scroll and perform multi-touch gestures safely on their own device to interact with touchscreen applications. All interactions are secure and anonymous.

Chicago’s Adler Planetariumis one of the first customers to install Freetouch in preparation for reopening. 

“When we reopen, visitors will come back with different feelings and more caution,” said John Beckman, Director of Exhibit Design and Production. “Freetouch gives us the opportunity to really not change anything we're doing in regard to the way our touchscreen displays work, while giving guests the option to interact with them using their cellphones if they wish to. It's logistically friendly and extremely low friction for us and for our guests as well.”

The Reagan Ranch Center,an interpretive center in Santa Barbara, CA that maintains President Reagan’s “Western White House” recently installed Freetouch for their 3,500 square foot gallery. The center features seven touchscreen-based interactives and hosts visitors from around the world. 

“Freetouch allows us to retain all of the functionality of our exhibits,” said Brent Kilpper, Associate Director. “We have it up and running now on our five timeline exhibits and it's the perfect solution. It's very simple — you just use your cellphone and away you go. We’re really pleased.”

Electrosonic,an international audio-visual company that creates tailored, state-of-the-art solutions for a wide range of markets including theme parks, museums, video conferencing and control rooms, is a Freetouch partner working to implement the solution in several attractions.

“The Freetouch solution for touchless interactivity is one of the most solid solutions proposed in today’s COVID-challenged world,” said Chris Conte, Vice President of New Business Development for Electrosonic. “It helps reinforce relationships with existing clients because we can keep their interactive displays running, preserving the value of their investment. It’s also cost-effective and simple to implement because it doesn’t require additional hardware. The response we’re getting from existing and new clients is overwhelmingly positive.”

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