Form:Media and Ekistics Plan & Design Become Fathom Studio

Form:Media and Ekistics Plan & Design Become Fathom Studio

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When Rob Leblanc started two companies 24 years ago, they were so different it only made sense to have separate names. At the time, the internet was brand new and Form:Media was focused on bridging graphic design with electronic media and Ekistics Plan & Design specialized in landscape architecture and planning; there was very little overlap in services and clients.

Over the years, the companies have grown closer and closer with significantly more overlap in design services, strategic planning and interpretive themes in each project. Leblanc explains, “We have become known as a ‘collective’ with a wide range of design and engineering services. A collective brings the best of all disciplines to bear on traditional problem solving. Different design perspectives bringing new approaches and different ways of solving problems.”

The collective is celebrating the birth of a new firm: On June 26, 2019, Form:Media and Ekistics Plan & Design will merge into one company, Fathom Studio.

The new name is uniquely maritime and reflects the depth of services and knowledge the Fathom team brings to every project. The name also reflects the commitment to understand a difficult problem after much collective discussion and thought, which is the hallmark of the team’s approach.

Company ownership and values remain unchanged as Fathom Studio welcomes a new generation of architects and designers. Leblanc says it best: “Fathom Studio is wholly committed to making our region and country a better place to live and grow. And we are excited to work with like-minded organizations that share our optimism for the future.”

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