"Follow the Yellow Signs"—A Wayfinding Solution By Asterisk

Asterisk's GamePlan wayfinding solution

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The team at Asterisk programmed and created GamePlan™, a temporary signage system to bring a much-needed sense of clarity to shared spaces as communities begin to open up.

In mid-April, the Austin-based brand consultancy, Asterisk, was hired by National Instruments to develop a signage solution that would provide visual guidance and quell navigation anxieties as employees slowly return to NI's global campuses.

Using the "universal" design criteria set for the program—simple, visually differentiated from the context, rapidly producible, and readily updatable—Asterisk focused their attention on establishing design language that was concise, direct, and somewhat friendly to provide clear, intuitive guidance—of the connect-the-dots kind—through shared spaces. Thus, GamePlan™ was created.

“This program is simple and well developed, encouraging employees to return to our workplace with confidence in our plan — one that’s communicated clearly and in a manner that supports our new way of working," says Scott Strzinek, Director of Global Facilities at National Instruments.

This system was quickly installed in 750K SF at NI's Austin campus in May and proved that by the program's simple directive, "Follow the yellow signs," people knew where to look for guidance on site and building access points, defined circulation patterns, room occupancy limits, distancing and personal space guidelines, PPE requirements, and hygiene expectations.

It is important to note that while Asterisk recognizes that GamePlan is not ADA compliant, the program was developed as a temporary installment to offer deliberate and safe guidance during a crisis—in no way a forever system meant to replace permanent systems that meet ADA requirements.

Lastly, in the spirit of these difficult times and with the endorsement of NI, Asterisk is offering PDFs of the basic sign system for free download and use by not-for-profits and small businesses.

“We’re a small business, too, and we know how many worries there are to contend with right now. We are compelled to lend a hand by sharing this simple solution with those who don’t have the resources to hire someone to help them, and whose spaces would benefit from a more cohesive system than much of what’s available online,” said Asterisk principal Susanne Harrington.

Thus far, Asterisk has seen more than 75+ nonprofits and small businesses download the free set. They’re also working with working with several developers, corporate facilities teams, and office and multifamily property managers on custom adaptation and implementation.

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Asterisk GamePlan System
Asterisk GamePlan Wayfinding System
Asterisk GamePlan Wayfinding System
Asterisk GamePlan Wayfinding System
Asterisk GamePlan Wayfinding System
Asterisk GamePlan Wayfinding System

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