Firm Details

NEXT/NOW’s notable specialty is delivering cutting-edge, next-gen digital experiences for retail and branded environments. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, touchscreens, motion-tracking, and Digital Content, for example, were amongst the highlights of their winning 2017 brand experiential marketing activations.

NEXT/NOW is designing experiences that form a bond between brand and consumer by way of technology. Their product offerings create transformative spaces that connect brands with audiences through meaningful stories. Using emerging technologies NEXT/NOW is revitalizing the human experience through imagined worlds and innovative interactions, they forge new connections with audiences.

They are adept at using a variety of real-world capture techniques like motion-capture suits and on-site SFX recordings, NEXT/NOW was able to mimic real spaces with incredibly high levels of precision. The 3D environment, built using Unreal Engine, also pushed the visual boundaries of what was possible in order to give each player a true sense of realism.

Practice Area

Digital Experiences

Focus Area

Augmented (AR/VR), Brand, Digital