Guide Studio

Firm Details

Guide Studio is a strategic design consultancy that uses wayfinding, environmental graphic design, branding and communications to create purposeful experiences in places with people-traffic.

Guide Studio believes that experience is the keystone to successful places. As wayfinders, designers, brand and communications experts, we approach each and every project with an understanding of how to create a single seamless experience that is on-brand – from the first visit to your website, to the moment they walk through your door, and the communication that follows.

Our team does it all, from the strategy and planning to creative and execution, engaging your team and stakeholders every step of the way:

Public Engagement
Wayfinding Master Planning
Sign System Design & Documentation
Fabrication & Installation Management
Environmental Graphic Design

Visit our website for a full list of servicesincluding Brandingand Communications.

Over our 20+ years in business, Guide Studio has created countless wayfinding and signage systems across the country for communities, hospitals, schools, retail and entertainment venues. Our extensive client list includes Progressive Field, Hilton Downtown Cleveland, and City of Stamford, CT, to name a few. Visit our website to see our work.

From virtual to physical, start to finish, and everything in between – we connect people to place.