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Green Dot Sign® is an award winning, nationwide supplier of ADA, wayfinding, architectural and permanent signage. We focus on dramatically reducing the amount of plastic used in signs, and develop modern processes utilizing wood and natural materials to make world class, beautiful signs for a better planet.

Utilizing cutting edge technology, our ADA signs use no plastic machining or adhesive, so the letters and braille are strongly bonded and use 99% less plastic than traditional ADA signs.

Dimensional letters, ADA signage, displays, wayfinding signs and more are available FSC Chain of Custody certified and Declare – Red List Approved. Check out our truly sustainable, certified and transparent products on mindfulMaterials, ecomedes and in the Declare database for more information.

Whether interior or exterior, if your project or brand uses natural wood as a visual element or sign component, we can add value to your project. Combining wood and sign expertise, our products create value for brands focused on the human experience or add natural beauty to design pallets.

The ease of fabrication and range of textures and colors available from wood make it suitable for a wide range of projects. End users include corporate offices, educational facilities, exhibits, healthcare, civic facilities, government, multi-tenant residential, retail environments and hospitality.

When properly designed and fabricated, wood implies luxury and high design or grounds with soothing comfort. And while traditional sign materials are fossil fuel derived, not biodegradable and rarely recycled, wood biodegrades and is renewable.

ADA sign mapping and design review consultation available. Free sample package available for SEGD, AIA, USGBC and ILFI members. Green Dot Sign® does not offer signage fabricated from plastic sheet or roll goods. For more information please visit or reach out to schedule a lunch and learn or product presentation.

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