Firm Details

Connectpoint Inc. is a digital signage company designing solutions for “smart city” and “smart transit” applications. We are the sister company of CHK America, known for our robust award-winning static, transit wayfinding work for over 20 years.

Our Connectpoint® suite of products includes the Connectpoint Digital Bus Stop®, the most advanced solar-powered or A/C wireless ePaper display providing real-time passenger information 24/7. Digital displays are available in multiple sizes— 13”, 23”, 25”, 28”, 32”, and 42”—and placed at some of the busiest transit stops across 14 states and 27 transit agencies. Easy to install on poles, at shelters, or as a stand-alone, our products are used at the bus stop level by millions of riders.

Weatherized and wireless, Connectpoint digital signage can be installed in about 30 minutes—without electrical infrastructure. An eco-friendly, energy-efficient solution for today’s smart city environment (IP 66 environmental rating).

Exceptionally low energy consumption—that provides 30-day autonomous operation regardless of weather conditions—and wireless connectivity (cellular, WiFi, ethernet), provide always-on customer arrival information, alerts and maps at every stop across the network.

Our Connectpoint displays are engineered for perfect readability during sunny days. And at nighttime, our industry leading LED lighting provides complete clarity.

To complement the ePaper displays, Connectpoint offers the Falcon, a solar-powered text-to-speech device. It provides a plug and play solution with real-time multi language voice announcements for next bus arrivals in an ADA compliant housing. The Falcon has an integrared solar film skin, CAT-M1 IoT connectivity, and back-up battery power. This device can be used to supplement a digital display, or it can be used as a stand-alone device to bring real-time information to any location.

Additionally, Connectpoint manufactures LED displays that come in multiple sizes and can be customized for any size desired. The LED displays offer a full color solution with double-sided screens, high brightness, and high image quality.

Timely and accurate real-time information is delivered seamlessly to passengers across all your digital signage with our easy-to-use and powerful Connectpoint Asset Management system. Connectpoint’s cloud-based software allows agencies to have access to the displays 24/7 to push out custom alerts, graphics, and public service announcements.