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SEGD Global Design Awards

Austin Central Library
Austin Central Library
Capital Metro Experience Design, Captial Metropolitan Transportation Authority, fd2s
Capital Metro Experience Design
M.D. Anderson Access System, The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, fd2s
M.D. Anderson Access System
Lance Armstrong Foundation Headquarters, fd2s inc.
Lance Armstrong Foundation Headquarters
Texas Medical Center Wayfinding Master Plan, fd2s Inc.
Texas Medical Center Wayfinding Master Plan

fd2s was founded in 1985
Founding principal Steven Stamper and fellow principal Curtis Roberts, lead a talented team of designers, strategists, and project managers. For more than 30 years the firm has been creating wayfinding programs, donor recognition exhibits, and experiential graphics that change the way people experience the world around them.

From our headquarters in the technology and cultural hub of Austin, Texas, fd2s touts projects that have been completed or are under way in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, China, Japan, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Brazil, and most recently Egypt, as well as throughout the United States.

What makes fd2s different?
The firm has a unique combination of capabilities that can be tailored to the needs of each project. For retail or commercial projects, the emphasis might be on “traditional” experiential graphic design, including identity development, signage design, and the creation of placemaking elements. In service to larger healthcare, transportation, municipality, or civic-scale projects, we can deliver our industry-leading wayfinding consulting services, which comprise performing a wayfinding experience audit, creating a wayfinding master plan, and developing technology tools that support wayfinding efforts.

An integrated approach to wayfinding
Since its founding, the firm has engaged in unprecedented research and analysis covering the use and administration of wayfinding systems in complex environments, and has used this knowledge in the creation of an integrated wayfinding approach that responds effectively to the needs of system users and organization staff.

The fd2s approach looks at every potential touchpoint as an opportunity to deliver consistent, relevant wayfinding information to the user. These touchpoints include wayfinding signage, but extend beyond signage to include architectural elements, printed materials, human interactions, and electronic wayfinding tools.

A commitment to great design
Unlike some firms that focus on wayfinding strategy at the expense of design, fd2s is committed to excellence in both. We believe that great design is essential to the functional success of a wayfinding program, and to its ability to support the organization’s brand message.

An emphasis on sustainability
The firm is one of a handful of wayfinding and experiential graphic design firms working to move sustainability to the forefront of the industry, taking steps ranging from industry advocacy to changing how we approach projects and our own day-to-day operations.

See the projects of fd2s.

Contact Steven Stamper or Curtis Roberts for more information, or call 512-476-7733.


Stacks and Bike Racks—Austin Central Library Wayfinding
10 years, 10 Laudable Library-Located EGD Projects

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Stacks and Bike Racks—Austin Central Library Wayfinding
Stacks and Bike Racks—Austin Central Library Wayfinding

The people of Austin, Texas love their publ

fd2s Designs Integrated Flexible Wayfinding for MHealth Facility

The University of Minnesota Health’s new MH

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