Farzeen Mawji

Farzeen Mawji

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Farzeen Mawji is a seasoned professional with a proven track record of strategic project management, customer service, brand development, social media engagement, digital and traditional marketing - fuelled by a solid foundation in leadership and creativity.

Creativity and an entrepreneurial mindset have always driven the work Farzeen Mawji does. His work experience spans publicly traded companies and private enterprise. In all of his past roles, Farzeen has maintained a focus on strategically leveraging opportunities and building relationships with stakeholders in order to competently execute project initiatives. He has developed and implemented successful strategies that achieved sales targets, as well as nurtured and promoted brand loyalty.

As a Wayfinding Senior Program Analyst, Farzeen Mawji is responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining a passenger wayfinding strategy including consistent standards for wayfinding signage and dynamic passenger information within the terminal buildings. This includes static and dynamic wayfinding signage, source maps, flight information displays and other passenger-facing information related to the travel process.

Some of Farzeen Mawji's key strengths include:

  • Concept and Brand Development
  • Strategic Product Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Email and Digital Marketing
  • Product Awareness and Credibility
  • Event Logistics and Facilitation

Farzeen Mawji brings with him a great personality and strong work ethic, the aptitude and the attitude to exceed expectations, and a passion for marketing.

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