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Symbols (pictograms) are the universal vocabulary that can transcend words, languages, locations, and cultures. Symbol design is a critical component of graphic design because symbols can often communicate information more concisely than words.

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Discovery Elementary School
Wayfinding as Placemaking at Discovery Elementary School

Discovery Elementary School is the first new elementary school to be built in Arlington, Virginia in more than a decade. The design team from VMDO Architects successfully created a kid-centric, place-based, wayfinding narrative that went beyond navigation to support a larger vision of spatial interaction.

Wayfinding at Deloitte Montreal
Agile Wayfinding for Deloitte Montreal
Clearview by Donald S. Meeker and Richard Montalbano
A Clear View with Don Meeker, 2015 SEGD Fellow

Thoughts and Opinions

The SEGD/Hablamos Juntos Healthcare Symbols - Will They Work?

In October 2010, SEGD proudly introduced a universal set of healthcare symbols, developed in collaboration with Hablamos Juntos (Spanish for “let’s talk together”). It is obvious that it was an enormously complex project and quite an achievement, for which we want to compliment all the many people involved. Also, it is obviously too late for us to “talk together,” about it, so let's review the results.

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Oxford Brookes University Wayfinding
Oxford Brookes University Wayfinding
Tongji University Signage
Tongji University Signage

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The Sustainable Challenges and Opportunities in Environmental Graphic Design

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2018 Podcast | The Universal Language of Symbols, Signs & Icons

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Ultimate Symbol Works with Airport Innovation Accelerator on New Rideshare Icon
Ultimate Symbol Works with Airport Innovation Accelerator on New Rideshare Icon

Passengers are increasingly opting for use of rideshare companies, such as Uber and Lyft, over traditional transportation options to travel to and from airports around the world, yet consistency is lacking at airports with regard to the wayfinding and passenger experience. In December 2017 the American Association of Airport Executives held a Solution Summit through its Airport Innovation Accelerator on the topic of ridesharing.

Lance Wyman Exhibit Up in Mexico City

Lance Wyman, FSEGD, will be honored at a conference and exhibition beginning this month at the National Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City.