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Placemaking and Identity?

The Mexico Olympics Graphic Identity and Placemaking design by Lance Wyman

Placemaking is the design activity that creates experiences that connect people to place. Identity design creates a strong sense of “you are here” by differentiating a place or space from others.

Placemaking and Identity Articles

Opening eBay’s Main Street Front Door
Opening eBay’s Main Street Front Door

With an impending 20-year anniversary, a corporate uncoupling from PayPal, a new CEO and evolving brand guidelines, online retail and resale giant eBay sought the help of ESI Design to help provide a fresh, technology-driven “front door.”

Float4 Designed a Media Experience for Sofitel Paris.
Float4 Connects Guests to Paris at Sofitel Baltimore
Pathways at  Allen Institute for Brain Science
Studio SC Creates Pathways at the Allen Institute for Brain Science

Thoughts and Opinions

Branded Environments 2017 Tour T-Mobile Arena
SEGD's 2017 Branded Environments Knocked it out of the Ballpark!

This year’s decision to bring the topic of Branded Environments to DSE was made to strategically expose as wide an audience as possible to the value that brand integration brings to environments, spaces, communities and places. That clearly resonated with attendees with an increase of over 300% in registrations.

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Turn Left Turn Right
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Rockaway Beach Boardwalk Graphics
Riverdale Country School Learning Complex
Riverdale Country School Learning Complex
Hyundai Card Music Library
Hyundai Card Music Library

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2017 SEGD Xplorer
Recreation- Amusement Parks and Tourist Centers

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Boston Pizza by Shikatani Lacroix
Shikatani Lacroix Goes to Bat for Boston Pizza

The digital content is presented on an engaging Boston Pizza digital canvas layered throughout the environment that positions Boston Pizza as the ultimate provider of sports content for professional sports fans and local teams alike.

Campus One by Entro
Entro Goes Back to School at University of Toronto

CampusOne is an exciting new 890-bed student residence on College Street and Spadina Avenue at the University of Toronto. Located across the street from UofT’s main campus, the residence is steps from many Toronto destinations and offers five-star amenities, furnished suites, a dining program for students and on-site security.

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2017 Xlab Conference