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The Mexico Olympics Graphic Identity and Placemaking design by Lance Wyman

Placemaking is the design activity that creates experiences that connect people to place. Identity design creates a strong sense of “you are here” by differentiating a place or space from others.

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Eric Heiman of Volume Inc. to Speak at BE Event
Eric Heiman of Volume Inc. Talks Site-Specific Branding

We caught up with Eric Heiman, creative director and partner at Volume Inc. (San Francisco) and asked a few choice questions about design and site-specific branding—the focus of his upcoming session on March 28 at SEGD Branded Environments in Las Vegas.

W Landmark at the University of Washington
An Unexpected ‘W’ at The University of Washington
Image of the Atlanta Falcons Stadium
A Team Effort—Football Design Stories for Game Day

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2017 SEGD Xplorer
Recreation- Amusement Parks and Tourist Centers

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UMBC Gateway Urban Sign
Urban Sign Awarded a 2016 Craftsmanship Award

Urban Sign was awarded a 2016 Craftsmanship Award by the Building Congress & Exchange.

LHSA+DP JetBlue Junior Playspace
LHSA+DP JetBlue Junior

LHSA+DP recently completed a new aviation-themed interactive playspace for JjetBlue airlines. The interactive play space at JFK’s Terminal 5 is designed to delight and educate children from age 2 to 12 with hands-on and digital activities, keeping them engaged and entertained while waiting to board their flights.

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2017 SEGD Branded Environments
2017 Xlab Conference