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Placemaking and Identitycreate experiences that connect people to place—providing a strong sense of “you are here” by differentiating a place or space from others.

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Muzeiko Children's Museum
“Little Museum,” Big Collaboration—Muzeiko Children’s Museum

An ambitious client in far-away Bulgaria was seeking a first-of-its-kind children’s museum and in response, a world-class architecture and design firm, a movie studio, an indoor rock gym manufacturer and a large group of scientists (among many others) came together to build it.

Poulin + Morris Revitalize Cornell Communications
Poulin + Morris Revitalize Cornell Communications
Westfield by BrandCulture
BrandCulture Weaves Story of Westfield

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Rockaway Beach Boardwalk Graphics
Riverdale Country School Learning Complex
Riverdale Country School Learning Complex
Hyundai Card Music Library
Hyundai Card Music Library

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2017 SEGD Xplorer
Recreation- Amusement Parks and Tourist Centers

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2017 SEGD Design Awards Jury
2017 SEGD Global Design Awards Jury Announced

Paul McConnell of Intersection (New York) heads the acclaimed multidisciplinary design task force.

WASHINGTON, DC—Paul McConnell,Design Director at Intersection (New York), a technology, experience design and innovation firm, will serve as Jury Chair for the 2017 SEGD Global Design Awards. He leads a team of eight celebrated designers practicing in a range of disciplines from wayfinding to interactive experiences.

Ebay entry by ESI
ESI Brings eBay's Front Door to Life

The centerpiece of the entry to Main Street is a 15-foot touchscreen wall where employees and visitors can tap icons representing cars, shoes, handbags, and other goods, then see how many items were sold in that category in the past few hours or days.

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2017 SEGD Branded Environments
2017 Xlab Conference