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Building a Blaze—Museum at Prairiefire
Building a Blaze—Museum at Prairiefire

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There remains a burning desire to know more about the Verner Johnson-designed Museum at Prairiefire (Overland, Kan.)—an example of how architecture and experiential graphics can be as one—and its permanent exhibits, designed and fabricated by Dimensional Innovations.

Dairy Farmers of America Headquarters
Cream of the Crop—Dairy Farmers of America World Headquarters
Texas A&M Bright Football Complex
Building the Brand, Texas Style

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Why Experiential Design is More Important than Ever
Why Experiential Design is More Important than Ever


By, Tucker Trotter, President and CEO of Dimensional Innovations

Experiential design is nothing new. In fact, the art of combining interactive storytelling with environmental design to engage an audience has been done exceptionally well by several brands and organizations. So why all the recent buzz? Why are advertising agencies and consulting firms suddenly throwing it around as the latest trend?

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