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Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty Exhibition at the V&A

We wouldn't dare pretend that this is a definitive list, but it is a list of the projects that the top exhibit designers see as influential and important projects that have helped to push the area of exhibition design forward. The breadth of projects that were submitted was amazing.

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Exhibitions and Objects of Wellness—Part 3
Exhibitions and Objects of Wellness—Part 3

Read Time: 19 minutes

Associate Professor Brenda Cowan of the department of Exhibition and Experience Design at SUNY/Fashion Institute of Technology (New York) shares her theory and framework for the connection among people, objects and mental health called “Psychotherapeutic Object Dynamics,” in the final installment of a three-part series for

Museum Objects, Health and Healing
Museum Objects, Health and Healing
Exhibitions and Objects of Wellness, Part 2
Exhibitions and Objects of Wellness—Part 2

Thoughts and Opinions

A Week Seen Through My Lens—Lucy Holmes
A Week Seen Through My Lens

Read Time: 1 minute
I don’t usually do repeat visits to exhibitions; I get visually saturated quite quickly.

Design To Go
Design To Go—Spain Part II
Design To Go
Design To Go—Spain Part I

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Aluksne Banitis Station
Aluksne Banitis Station
Tillamook Creamery Visitor Experience
Tillamook Creamery Visitor Experience
Design with the 90%
Design with the 90%
The Senses: Design Beyond Vision
The Senses—Design Beyond Vision

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Creating Meaningful Experiences - Wendy Evans Joseph
Wendy Evans Joseph - Creating Meaningful Experiences
Creating Meaningful Experiences - Ben Gilmartin
Ben Gilmartin - Creating Meaningful Experiences

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Illinois Holocaust Museum's Four New Immersive Galleries
Illinois Holocaust Museum's Four New Immersive Galleries

Read Time: 1.5 minutes

Extensive updates to the core Karkomi Holocaust Exhibition at the Illinois Holocaust Museum (Skokie, Ill.) serve to debunk the myth that Jewish citizens did not resist the Holocaust, with new exhibition galleries that showcase armed, physical resistance in occupied Europe during the Holocaust. The Museum partnered with Luci Creative (Chicago), a full-service museum planning and exhibit design firm, to develop the updates and Ravenswood Studio as the fabrication partner.

Reich&Petch completes the Smithsonian Institution’s new David H. Koch Hall of Fossils – Deep Time ©Reich&Petch/Chris Payne
Reich&Petch completes SI’s Hall of Fossils—Deep Time

Read Time: 2 minutes

Reich&Petch is delighted to announce the completion of the David H. Koch Hall of Fossils—Deep Time gallery at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History!

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