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Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty Exhibition at the V&A

We wouldn't dare pretend that this is a definitive list, but it is a list of the projects that the top exhibit designers see as influential and important projects that have helped to push the area of exhibition design forward. The breadth of projects that were submitted was amazing.

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Understory at Amazon Spheres
Sprouting Subtext—Understory at Amazon Spheres

Seattle has gained a dramatic new example of iconic architecture in Amazon’s “Spheres.” The new cluster of buildings houses a remarkable and biodiverse collection of plants—expressly to inspire Amazon employees. The public excitement around the Spheres, however, spurred the creation of an exhibit-rich visitor center below.

Scent—The Next Narrative?
Scent—The Next Narrative?
Junípero Serra Museum Welcome Center
The River Runs Through it—Junipero Serra Museum Welcome Center

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Design To Go
Design To Go—Greece

In this week's installment of Design To Go, Diane Burk travels to Greece, visiting Athens, Crete and Thessaloniki.

Design To Go
Design To Go—Oaxaca Part II
Design To Go
Design To Go—Oaxaca Part I

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Exhibitionism - The Rolling Stones Exhibition
Exhibitionism—The Rolling Stones Exhibition
Border City
La Cité du Vin Permanent Exhibition
La Cité du Vin Permanent Exhibition
Who, Like Me, Is Threatened?
Who, Like Me, Is Threatened?

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 The Next Generation of Experience Designers - Elena Saxton
Elena Saxton - The Next Generation of Experience Designers
Tim NcNeil and Clare Brown: The Future of XGD

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Jekyll Island Museum Concept
Jekyll Island Museum Concept

It’s not often that Lorenc+Yoo is able to participate in design projects close to their Atlanta-area home, which made the concept design for the Jekyll Island Museum a particularly special experience for the firm.

Originally a site of Native American habitation and later a European colonial settlement and fort, by the 20th century, Jekyll Island had become a beach refuge for the wealthy and the site of one of the most important conferences on U.S. monetary policy. Now a state-operated nature preserve, Jekyll Island’s history is wide-ranging, complex and important.

Three G&A Staff Speak at MAAM
Three G&A Staff Speak at MAAM

Gallagher & Associates recently went to Philadelphia for the Mid Atlantic Association of Museums Building Museums Symposium, where three staff spoke in three sessions.

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