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Stacks and Bike Racks—Austin Central Library Wayfinding
10 years, 10 Laudable Library-Located EGD Projects

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We searched our archives, kept track of recent library developments and consulted experts—keep reading for a list of laudable library-located experiential graphic design projects spanning from 2009 to 2019, with one representing each of the past 10 years.

2019 SEGD Fellow Paula Scher—Exactly as Rendered
2019 SEGD Fellow Paula Scher—Exactly as Rendered
A Read for Speed—Oran Park Library (image: front of library building)
A Read for Speed—Oran Park Library

Thoughts and Opinions

When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Will Appear
When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Will Appear

By Nicole R. Roberts, Creative Lead at Kolar Design
This summer I returned back to my alma mater to team teach Design Systems, a junior-level experiential graphic design course. We guide students to research social issues within local communities to co-create wayfinding systems and strategic placemaking design.

Nurture your Soul
Nurturing Your Soul

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Mandala Sunrise
Mandala Sunrise
The Julliard School
The Julliard School
Sydney Foreshore Cultural Walkway
Sydney Foreshore Cultural Walkway
Missing Voices
Missing Voices

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Jody Graff and Nick Kapica - Education
Architectural Integration- Best Practices

Education Best Practice

Read the Urban Planning and Impelentation Manual from SRF

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The Sustainable Challenges and Opportunities in Environmental Graphic Design
Bridging EGD: Introducing Communities to the Potentials of Environmental Graphic Design

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2016 Webinar | Budgeting for EGD: The Fabrication Perspective

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 Watchfire Signs Announces Scholarship
Watchfire Signs Announces Scholarship

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Watchfire Signs, a manufacturer of  LED virtual scoreboards and video boards, announced the creation of a scholarship designed to recognize high school students who develop content for Watchfire video scoreboards or displays on campus. The "Fired Up Watchfire Scholarship" will provide $500 in financial assistance to a graduating high school senior who demonstrates excellence in the creation and use of content on a Watchfire sports display during a live event.

PixelFLEX University of Alabama Donor Recognition (image: digital screens)
PixelFLEX University of Alabama Donor Recognition

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