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Poulin + Morris Revitalize Cornell Communications
Poulin + Morris Revitalize Cornell Communications

In dire need of a space befitting their Ivy League reputation for excellence, the Department of Communication at Cornell University enlisted JMZ Architects and Planners and renowned design firm Poulin + Morris Inc. to spearhead the revitalization effort.

Best Content of 2016 Graphic
SEGD's Best Content of 2016
A Clear Path—University of Utah Wayfinding

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Nurture your Soul
Nurturing Your Soul

I have to admit I have a travel bug. Just as soon as I've returned from a trip, I look forward to the next journey, the next experience, and the next batch of information I can add to my human database of knowledge. So maybe my bug is the experience bug. Connecting with our members, the Experiential Graphic Design community, is extremely rewarding. And making those connections in person at our events... priceless. Our community is on fire right now. People are so busy they just can't get out of the office. Sure it's great for business and great for your career.

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Get Back to What Matters
Get Back to What Matters
Oxford Brookes University Wayfinding
Oxford Brookes University Wayfinding
Platform Summit 2014
Platform Summit 2014
MIT Media Lab Members Event
MIT Media Lab Members Event

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Architectural Integration- Best Practices
Jody Graff and Nick Kapica - Education

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Bridging EGD: Introducing Communities to the Potentials of Environmental Graphic Design
The Sustainable Challenges and Opportunities in Environmental Graphic Design

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ennead by unified field
Unified Field Creates App for ASU's Law School

The app provides a snapshot of the law school at any given moment and aggregates that data to provide a portrait over time. Users choose personal keywords as a part of their profiles, and they are encouraged to add keywords to their private groups and events.

UMBC by Urban Sign
Urban Sign and Cloud Gehshan Associates Team Up on an Award-Winning Sign

The sign descends to 3 ft. on the right, "gloving" over the unique shape of the formed-concrete base. The biggest challenge in fabrication was consistently forming the sign to the undulations of the base.