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Entro at Centennial College
Entro Gets Cooking at Centennial College

The Entro (Toronto) design team whips up some tasteful branding, wayfinding, and placemaking solutions for Centennial College’s School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts.

Spagnola & Associates at Stevens Institute of Technology
Go Ducks! Spagnola & Associates at Stevens Institute of Technology
W Landmark at the University of Washington
An Unexpected ‘W’ at The University of Washington

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When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Will Appear
When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Will Appear

By Nicole R. Roberts, Creative Lead at Kolar Design
This summer I returned back to my alma mater to team teach Design Systems, a junior-level experiential graphic design course. We guide students to research social issues within local communities to co-create wayfinding systems and strategic placemaking design.

Nurture your Soul
Nurturing Your Soul

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En-Gulf - Ecopoetics of the Gulf and Bay
En-Gulf—Ecopoetics of the Gulf and Bay
Written Wor(l)ds
Written Wor(l)ds
Seoul National University Arts Research Center Wayfinding
Seoul National University Arts Research Center Wayfinding
An interactive waste system with three receptacles (for compost, recycle and landfill) each of which is connected to a digital scale, microcomputer and digital screen.
Smart Bins

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Brittney Butler - Defining Spaces for All Ages : Education Wayfinding
Architectural Integration- Best Practices

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The Sustainable Challenges and Opportunities in Environmental Graphic Design
Bridging EGD: Introducing Communities to the Potentials of Environmental Graphic Design

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2016 Webinar | Budgeting for EGD: The Fabrication Perspective
Environments and Experience Design for Retail and Campuses

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Surface Imaging M.S. Program Now at the New Jefferson
Jefferson Surface Imaging Program Now Accepting New Degree Candidates

The Surface Imaging program at Jefferson is now accepting new degree candidates for 2018-2019, starting May 14, 2018. This unique graduate program utilizes a variety of state-of-the-art digital printing technologies at the Center for Excellence in Surface Imaging. Successful students enrolled in this accelerated one-year program will graduate in August 2019.

Whybrow at UAL
A Maze of Corridors—Whybrow at UAL

As part of their on-going work, creative agency Johnson Banks brought in Whybrow Wayfinding to help develop a wayfinding scheme for Camberwell College of Arts, which is part of UAL (University of the Arts London).