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SLD Brings the “Fountain of You” to Shenzhen (image: lobby)
SLD Brings the “Fountain of You” to Shenzhen

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Retail design experts, Shikatani Lacroix Design (Toronto, Shanghai), worked cross-culturally to create a rich, award-winning corporate flagship experience for Nu Skin in mainland China.

Your 2018 New York Digital Signage Week Guide
Your 2018 New York Digital Signage Week Guide
Nike NYHQ Dream Teamwork
Nike NYHQ Dream Teamwork

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Deconstructing Technology as a Building Material
Deconstructing Technology as a Building Material—Digital Display Basics

Traditional designers are accustomed to using materials like fabric, wood, metal, and glass to create interiors that bring buildings to life and convey narratives. Of late, however, technology has established itself as an essential component of any space, and it must be considered as necessary as any other building material.

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Chris Whalen and John Morena - Content with Image, Type, and Video

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Webinar—Locking Down LED Lingo

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Nanov Adapts to the Changing Climate with Summer Maintenance
Nanov Adapts to the Changing Climate with Summer Maintenance

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Even by South Floridian standards, this year has been a record-breaking year bringing heat-waves, high humidity and skyrocketing summer temperatures. To address the series of challenges this brings, Nanov Display (Miami) LCD hardware installed at Miami Bayside and Jackson Memorial Hospital recently underwent inspection and maintenance, to ensure that they can withstand any remaining sweltering days this year, as well as far into the future.

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