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Ted Leonhardt: Don't Make These Mistakes
Avoid These 9 Common Design Firm Mistakes

Robert is a design firm partner who reneged on a deal to elevate a junior partner. Surprising as it is, that scenario is common. Over the years consulting with design firms and running my own, I’ve seen problems that, like Robert’s, are all too human but could have easily been avoided.

Ted Leonhardt: Using Empathy to Your Advantage in Business
Using Empathy to Your Advantage in Business
Ted Leonhardt: Don't Just Read the Room, Inhabit it!
Don't Just Read the Room, Inhabit it

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Amir Youssef - Expert Failure
Amir Youssef - Expert Failure
David Zach - Taming Great Expectations

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GQ Australia with Vince Frost of Frost*Design
Watch GQ Australia's Interview with Vince Frost

Recently, GQ Australia broadcast an interview with Vince Frost of Frost*Design on the topic of “How to Succeed” and how design and business collide.

Frost*collective Launches Pivot
Frost*collective Adds Strategic Innovation Experts

Frost*collective has announced a repositioning of the business that will elevate the agency’s strategic competence with the addition of Pivot, a strategic innovation consultancy. Pivot specializes in transformative business consulting, adding to the agency’s foundational expertise in brand strategy, brand design, digital solutions and urban environments. The addition consolidates and extends Frost*collective’s service proposition, retaining human-centered design at its core.   

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