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10 Questions with Shel Perkins—All Business (image: portrait of Shel)
10 Questions with Shel Perkins—All Business

Read Time: 9.5 minutes

This week, we caught up with Shel Perkins, author, graphic designer, management consultant and educator specializing in the operational management of design firms.

Business and Leadership takes place in Chicago. A speaker from the event last year presents in from of a room full of participants.
Top Skills to Develop to Enhance Your Value in Your Firm
Business and Leadership takes place in Chicago on April 26th. Register Now!
Bosses: Send Your Employees to 2019 SEGD Business and Leadership

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Clive Roux, CEO SEGD, Q1 2019 CEO Update
CEO Update Q1, 2019: An SEGD Event Every 2.4 Days

There is an SEGD event somewhere in the world every 2.4 days. And, with 38 Chapters currently and more coming this year, it's become one of the liveliest design communities you can join.

2019 SEGD Business & Leadership a Success (image: event attendees sitting at tables)
2019 SEGD Business & Leadership a Success
Ted Leonhardt: The Unprepared Pitch (Illustration of man holding book)
The Unprepared Pitch

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Hannah Anderson - Focus
Hannah Anderson - Focus
David Zach - Taming Great Expectations

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The ideal way to learn from your desk. These courses consist of podcast recordings of webinar and workshop materials delivered by the top professionals in EGD in the SEGD community.
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2015 Webinar | Contracts 101
2016 Webinar | Going Digital: 8 Questions to Ask Your Client

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Mactac® Celebrates 60 Years (image: anniversary logo)
Mactac® Celebrates 60 Years

Read Time: 3 minutes

Congratulations to Mactac®, a leading pressure-sensitive adhesives manufacturer headquartered in Stow, Ohio, that is celebrating its milestone 60th anniversary this year.

SLD Launches Think Retail Podcast
SLD Launches Think Retail Podcast

Read Time: 1 minute

Shikatani Lacroix Design was recently happy to announce the launch of Think Retail, a new podcast that features top designers, strategists, thought leaders and business people discussing what’s next in the world of retail and design.

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