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What's Your Resolution?
What's Your Resolution?

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about how to make 2018 the best year yet. Lucky for you, being a part of a professional association like SEGD means that you have many tools at your disposal to make sure you’re on the path for success.

Share your industry knowledge
Share Your Knowledge
Enhance Your Industry Knowledge with SEGD
Enhance Your Industry Knowledge

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Find a Coach, or Be a Coach
Find a Coach, or Be a Coach

Why a coach?
The simple fact of it is when we’re under stress, it’s very difficult, if not impossible, to be fully rational. When you’re stuck in the thick of it, a coach can help you see beyond the drama of the moment.

Ted Leonhardt: Don't Make These Mistakes
Avoid These 9 Common Design Firm Mistakes
Ted Leonhardt: Using Empathy to Your Advantage in Business
Using Empathy to Your Advantage in Business

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Lauren Kelly: Platforms as Service
Hannah Anderson - Focus
Hannah Anderson - Focus

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The ideal way to learn from your desk. These courses consist of webinar and workshop materials delivered by SEGD.
$50 for individual courses and $200 for the course packs (best value) for members. Click for content details.

2015 Webinar | Contracts 101
Architecture in EGD

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Five Minutes with Nick Bannikoff and Carlo Giannasca
Five Minutes with Nick Bannikoff and Carlo Giannasca

Nick Bannikoff and Carlo Giannasca recently spoke to InDesignLive.com about why they’re on a mission to build a strong community of experiential designers in Australia. Earlier this year, Nick Bannikoff, design manager at BrandCulture and Carlo Giannasca, head of environments at Urbanite announced they were bringing SEGD to Sydney through their local chapter. They chatted candidly about the rise of experiential graphic design and how the blending of graphics, wayfinding and interior design can make for better branded spaces.

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