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Designers involved with creating experiences in the built environment must be aware of making their communications accessible to people of all ability levels.

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Wayfinding at Deloitte Montreal
Agile Wayfinding for Deloitte Montreal

The new La Tour Deloitte is the first privately owned office tower built in Montréal in 20 years. Deloitte’s Montreal staff occupies 153,000 sq. ft. of the 26-story tower, spanning seven floors in a completely agile work environment that required a new approach to wayfinding.

Seattle Children's Hospital art and wayfinding program (Studio SC)
Art and Healing in Healthcare Environments [Intro to 3-part series]
Clearview by Donald S. Meeker and Richard Montalbano
A Clear View with Don Meeker, 2015 SEGD Fellow

Thoughts and Opinions

ANSI A117 Update

Note: SEGD members Dave Miller (Nova Polymers) and Teresa Cox (APCO Graphics) participated in ANSI A117 Committee meetings in January. The A117.1 Committee is working on the 2015 edition of the ANSI A117.1 model code on accessibility. Proposed changes in the code may eventually appear in state and local building codes or in a future update to the U.S. government’s 2010 Standards for Accessible Design (SAD). The following is a report from Dave Miller.

The first meeting of the ANSI A117 committee concluded on Friday, January 24, at the U.S. Access Board offices in Washington D.C.

Accessibility Academic Research

Inclusive, High Quality Decisions?  Macro/Micro Design Impacts within our Everyday Experiences
The Sustainable Challenges and Opportunities in Environmental Graphic Design

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Accessibility: 2012 SEGD ADA Update

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Nova Polymers Offers ADA White Paper

Nova Polymers has consolidated its ADA White Paper series into a single document that provides a comprehensive guide to codes, regulations, and standards for ADA-compliant and accessible signage.

Accessibility Symbols
Accessibility Symbols

Download the PDF of the full set of Disability Access Symbols otherwise known as Accessibility Symbols for use in your projects. This file can be opened in Illustrator for vector art usage. Please also download the SEGD 2012 ADA Update for updated guidelines on sign placement and requirements according to the Federal  Americans for Disabilities Act (ADA).