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Identity is often—and incorrectly—used interchangeably with the terms brand or  branding. Brand is the overall image that a company or entity makes across all touchpoints, from one-on-one communications to television, print, product, or social media.

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Eric Heiman of Volume Inc. to Speak at BE Event
Eric Heiman of Volume Inc. Talks Site-Specific Branding

We caught up with Eric Heiman, creative director and partner at Volume Inc. (San Francisco) and asked a few choice questions about design and site-specific branding—the focus of his upcoming session on March 28 at SEGD Branded Environments in Las Vegas.

Grace Farms Wayfinding by Pentagram
Wayfinding and Building Community at Grace Farms
W Landmark at the University of Washington
An Unexpected ‘W’ at The University of Washington

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Haymarket Pedestrian Bridge
Haymarket Pedestrian Bridge
MIT Media Lab Members Event
MIT Media Lab Members Event

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Defining the City - Developing Urban Identity, Interpretive & Wayfinding Systems
Advances in Healthcare Identity and Wayfinding

Identity News

api(+) for Fresh Thyme
api(+) Design is Winning for Fresh Thyme

The original design concept for Fresh Thyme Farmers Market is already winning awards, from both Grocery Headquarters and Progressive Grocer magazines. api(+)'s services included brand strategy, store planning, prototype design, graphics, architecture and rollout.

Gorge Hub identity by Mayer/Reed
Mayer/Reed Boosts Oregon Cycling

Mayer/Reed (Portland, Ore.) designed the logo and style guide for the Gorge Hubs, a network of community-operated “rest stops” that provide hikers, bicyclists and recreationalists with amenities while they explore local experiences.